About LaSafi Lebanese Food

“La Safi" placed in   "BANEASA SHOPPING CITY“ complex, expects you to enjoy our various Lebanese menu.

  Our chefs are Lebanese and they carefully supervise that every preparation to have the taste, smell and the specific great Lebanese look.

For this purpose, they always use fresh products, spices and, of course, the original recipes brought from Lebanon


 “La Safi" is a Lebanese restaurant from Mediterranean region. Lebanese cuisine is the synonym of healthy cuisine being based on the abundance of fruits, vegetables, fresh beef, lamb and chicken.

Besides specific spices of the region, garlic and olive oil are used in almost every dish, many of them being grilled, sauté or roast. 

Also, herbs, spices and freshness of ingredients are those that made the Lebanese gastronomic tradition to be appreciated around the world.

Our restaurant is expecting you with a various traditional Lebanese menu containing fresh preparations for all tastes: sandwiches, salads, hot and cold snacks, barbecue, sweets and natural juices. Our customers will be well surprised by certain new preparations, that make us proud and we hope they’ll enjoy them.


Middle East cuisine is known and appreciated all around the world for its richness and refinement.

Lebanese cuisine is, probably, the most interesting of all. It puts together the sophisticated and refined European cuisines with exotic ingredients of Far and Middle East.